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Strapless Bimini Conversion Kit

strapless bimini w/ folding spreader barsAt a very reasonable cost and little effort, you can replace straps on your bimini and convert it to the Gemini System strapless bimini with folding spreader bars. Improve access in and out of the cockpit, create strength and rigidity and have a top that will be tight — every time — without adjustment.

The Strapless Bimini Conversion Kit provides everything needed for the change-over:

Installation instructions with photos included. The only tools needed are a hex key (provided) and a tubing cutter.

Sliding side mountThere are a few options

Split side mountsSliding or split type side mounts:
Sliding side mounts (at right) save money but require disassembly of the frame to install the new side mounts high on the frame.

Split type side mounts (at left) have an opening clamp design that are placed in position and you're done. No disassembly. No work.
Save time and hassle on any retrofit project.  

The Gemini Side Mounts are now available in these sizes:  7/8" ,   1'"   and   1-1/4"

Assembled strutsAssembled struts or hinge kits:
Assembled struts (right) are easy: just cut to length and install. Available in 3-ft and 6-ft lengths.
1" x 6'                7/8" x 6'
1" x 3'                7/8" x 3'

Ordering info: Order direct from @  www.geminproducts.net or, save a few dollars by ordering from one of our partners, Sailrite.

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