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drop-top dodgerDrop-Top Dodgers

The most versatile dodger.

  • The most rugged
  • The most convenient
  • The most attractive

Doing everything a dodger should do.

All the features you want in a dodger; the strongest four-strut frame support, maximum visibility, an easily-collapsed frame which requires no disassembly, long window life, no interference with winches or sail handling, clean lines.

Ruggedness with versatility.

Maximum protection with EASY stowage.

drop-top dodger

Experienced canvas makers know that every dodger is full of compromises; space within versus an attractive profile, good visibility versus greater window wear & damage and difficulty storing, a strong frame versus one easily collapsed, adequate coverage versus interference with winches and side decks. The art of a good dodger lies in this balance. The new drop-top dodger responds to these contradictions with a solution... and a better way to build a dodger.


  • A frame supported by four stainless struts
  • Offshore rugged
  • A permanent windshield with a quickly-removable top
  • Gemlock folding struts: collapsible frame with no disassembly
  • No straps or struts in the cockpit near winches
  • Excellent visibility from the helm
  • Lexan windows for greater clarity and clean lines
  • Protection from wind and spray at all times
  • No damage to windows from folding
  • Easier storage when necessary
  • Greater access to companionway and side decks

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