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Pusher Bar Conversion Kit

There are better ways to tension dodgers than either webbing straps or pulling on the back edges of the fabric. We have found that the simplest and most cost effective way to add rigid struts for tensioning is by the use of Pusher Bars. Pusher bars push aft from the cabin house on the aft dodger frame. One simple pair of struts and standard mounting hardware does the job.

We employ a hinge in the strut to apply and release tension on the dodger. A folding strut has enormous levering power to tension the top and create a very rigid dodger. With a hinged strut, you never have to attach the strut to the jaw slide when it's under tension. Use a quick release pin on the upper end to remove the strut from the frame when folding it down.

The retro-fit is easy. Place a jaw slide, either fixed or split, onto the upper end of the aft frame as shown in the photos. Attach an eye end. Use a tape measure to estimate the strut length needed to reach to cabin house top somewhere forward of the of the dodger's mounting base. An ordinary deck mount, either 90 degree, angled or universal type depending on your cabin house, will secure the strut to the cabin house.

Hardware required:

  • 2 Gemini System folding struts, 36" in most cases
  • 2 jaw slides, split or sliding
  • 2 eye ends
  • 2 deck mounts

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