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Sliding side mountSliding Side Mounts


  • Made of cast 316 stainless steel,
    polished to a marine bright finish
  • Available for 7/8" and 1" tubing
  • Compatible with standard marine end fittings
  • Heavy duty construction with two set screws, Phillips head bolt and nylon washers

Stand-Off Sliding Side MountAdvantages:

  • Sliding side mounts provide the stand-off space for a grab with cloth behind
  • Easier installation — they require no modification of existing frames, no drilling and no difficult set-up
  • As tensioning bars, the stand-off structure automatically bypasses intermediate frames

Applications include fixed grab rails on sail and power boats, folding grab rails on dodgers, and both fixed and folding tensioning bars on biminis and dodgers.

Wholesale pricing available to manufacturers and distributors.

Assembly and Installation Instructions

Split Side Mounts

Split side mountsSplit type mounts add versatility and ease of installation to the use of side mounts.

  • Type 316 stainless steel with all screws provided
  • Available for 7/8" & 1" tubing

The function is the same. They have several advantages:

  • When retrofitting a bimini or dodger with struts, you will not have to disassemble the frames to install new side mounts. The clamp on style allows you to place the side mounts directly in position.
  • Split style mounts can be mounted any where on a frame — in the middle of a corner bend or even in the roof section. This creates a greater range of applications, including the use of split side mounts for installing solar panels on dodger and bimini tops.

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